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Who We Are 

At Found Object VR, we create group learning adventures in rich, 3D environments. We specialize in short-form (15-30 minute) deep dives into fascinating, nonfiction topics. We live at the intersection of education, entertainment and data visualization. 

We made our debut at the Unity for Humanity showcase, with our first project: The Future of Energy. (Check out the link!) We are currently nominated for both an Auggie Award and a VR Award.

We have several upcoming projects, including: Explore Antarctica, Understanding Wildfires, Inside CRISPR and The History of Currency. The full decks for these projects are available below.

What We Make

At Found Object we make 15-30 minute immersive group learning experiences. We sometimes refer to these as “field trips” or “mini-museums.” Similar to Kurzgesagt and TED Talks, we aim to make short-form content that’s both profound, and snack-able. Our experiences are adopted from books, articles and museum exhibits. We take the research phase seriously, and the entertainment phase even more seriously. We start with subject matter that is already profound and we make it tangible, immersive, and most of all… playful. Found Object is one part high-end entertainment, one part education.

Interactive + Social + Embodied

We believe in hands on learning. Our interactive features deepen user engagement. Think of wispy holograms that move when you put your hand through them, bubbles that pop, buttons and levers, and DNA strands that you can burst apart. Our users can expect a high-impact experience that is also a memorable breakdown of a fascinating concept.

 We believe that learning works best when it’s tied to social and emotional experiences. Much like a museum, we allow groups to move through the experience at their own pace. Our interactions also encourage users to work together.

The body plays a critical role in memory formation. Study participants who were asked to recount a story using gestures showed much higher retention rates than those asked to summarize the story verbally. Another memory study shows that we use our body motions (and gestures) to “chunk” information into memory. At Found Object we use the full capabilities of VR to allow for a dynamic range of motion, experience, and retention.

Past Projects

Upcoming Projects


The Big Questions

We see ourselves as an evolution of museums. Redesigning museums for the next generation takes serious imagination. It takes the best of what video games have been working on for decades; it takes the most cutting edge education techniques; and it takes centuries of lessons from museums, amusement parks and location based entertainment. Our mission is to create education so compelling that it can compete with entertainment.

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