Found Object VR

Who Are We? 

We are a group of LA-based coders, 3D-modelers and interaction designers. We are a media company specializing in deep dives into fascinating concepts. We take your scientific (or nonfiction) concept, develop it into a script, and put it into a 3-minute Immersive VR experience. 

What Do We Deliver?

We deliver a 3-minute, lightly interactive, experience for the Oculus Quest and/or Oculus Rift. We take tough scientific or knowledge-based concepts and make them easy to grasp, playfully interactive, and stylistically stunning. We offer to put your final build onto the Oculus Store to make it available to new audiences.

As in…

Some examples include summaries of dense issues, like antimatter, subprime loans, Nobel Prize-winning discoveries, CRISPR, and more. We create immersive and playful visual aids that bring fuzzy ideas into sharp focus all around you. It’s one part high-end entertainment, one part education.

Why Interactive?

Interactive features are fun, cool elements to deepen engagement: wispy holograms that move when you put your hand through, bubbles around you that pop, or buttons to push to start a machine. Our users can expect a high-impact experience that is also a memorable breakdown of a fascinating concept. 

What’s the Process?

Because we are working with short-duration experiences, we can focus on quality. We put your concept through an industry-complete development process. Below are some of the steps that we take towards delivering your complete product (each step is made available to client): 

  • 3-Minute Script
  • Annotated Script (for visuals, animations, interactivity)
  • Asset List
  • Code Structure Document
  • Grey Box of the Experience
  • Style Document (art “look-book”)
  • Prototypes of the 3 Most Difficult Visual or Interactive Effects
  • Tools & Editability Document
  • Final Assets Repository
  • 5 Rounds of Playtest Notes  (minimum)
  • Final APK or Build for Launch